If you are facing trials in your work or business, with your marriage partner or a child - or just wish to talk to someone in confidence as a friend - someone you can trust  - Lee and his work through One-on-One Ministries can help you with the ever expanding issues that you may be facing.

"I am able to meet with you at your convenience - at your workplace, over a meal or a cup of coffee for one or two hour sessions once a week or more often if you wish.

"Life’s troubles can sometimes seem insurmountable - I can be there for you as a friend to talk with and to give to you the spiritual resources to get you back on track in your life's journey, your personal spiritual walk with Christ and your relationships with your work partners, family and friends!"



One-on-one, face-to-face meetings launched - developing friendships and assisting others at their point of need in order to help them in their daily walk with Christ. (Fall / 2013)

We intend  to have meetings with twenty-five to thirty persons each month -  In three years, we believe hundreds will be reached for Christ through the continuance of these meetings. In ten years, our hope is to see thousands reached, equipped and carrying forth the gospel.

Since the very day One-on-Ministries was conceived - (after listening to my friend Jim) - I  have been meeting regularly with more and more individuals each month developing friendships and pointing them to Christ and His Kingdom work to reach others.

One-on-One Ministries, Inc.



"One-On-One Evangelism" by Lee Moseley

Coffee-Time is an early morning conversation with God. Chances are you will find it in your inbox when you come into work. A good way to start your day!

The conversations are about real life issues we all face together. Be sure to look around you, the issues and life challenges we speak about are shared by all.

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